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1 May 2018

Love never lose.

Love never lose.

About author.

Hi,I am Sushil Kumar,a fancy story writer.Here come with another story,a story of a college boy.He loves one girl one sided and how he manages to achieve the love of the girl.Life is full of ups and downs.Its up to you,how you manage to keep yourself calm and patience in the ups and downs.

Going to College are always excitement for teens.

Sushil,where are you?Dude
Nitin,I am just leaving home to college.
Ok,I am going to meet you at college library.Come there.
Ok Nitin,see you there.
Hey Nitin,where are you?
See back.
Hey Nitin,how are you?Dude.
Fine Sushil n you.
I am also fine Nitin.
See the figure of librarian,must be around 29-34 yrs of age.She is super sexy.
What rubbish?Nitin
No,no you don't understand,if you don't observe it.
You go to hell,I am going to find out the notice board.
Hey bro,just chill yar.I am coming with you.
Let's find out our daily classes time table on notice board.
Oye Nitin,today's first class is maths.
Wow,let's move!Its my favourite subject.
Oye,let's bunk the class.Last week Gadar released on friday.
You go wherever you want.I am attending the maths class.(walking toward the class)
Hey wait dear.I am coming.

Our first maths class.

Sushil,please understand my intention.This is the first class of maths.The teacher will take introduction and leave.
Yes Nitin,he will have to get by heart the names of each and every students.
Ok ok ok.
Nitin dear,I know you are son of a great businessman,Mr. Raman.I belong to the family of a service class,where we have to get a job or I will be homeless.
Hey dear,would you like to be my business partner.
Really bro.
Sorry bro,my sanskar will not allow me to join you.
OK,my self reliant friend,I am coming with you.
(We were entering the class.The class was buzzing. A girl with her friends were coming out of the class.)
(She was struck to find me at the door,as she screamed and push me out with her hand.I fell down.) )
O sorry,Didn't you get hurt?Is everything OK.
Any way my name is Swati.
(As if she wants to recompense for her fault)
Hi,I am Sushil....Sushil Kumar
Nice name.
Thank you.
Nitin,Let's get the front seat.

Maths teacher entered the class.

Hey Sushil,here comes the Archimedes.
Hi class.
Good morning sir.(monotonous voice)
Good morning class.
I am Sudhakar,your math's teacher.
Today my topic is algebra.
(After half an hour bell rang)
OK,the bell rings.Have You all understood till (a-b)^2.
OK, tomorrow we will start from here.
After going home, revise the topic,what I have taught?

Sushil you have developed a good image in the class.
You have answered almost all the questions asked by Mr. Sudhakar.
No Nitin,I have forgotten some formulas in algebra.I have to go through this topic in evening.
Hey Sushil.
Yes Swati.How may I help you?
Sushil,my math is very weak,I will be needing your help in future.
Always there for your help.
Hey thanks,you are really supportive.
(Swati sat besides me)
(Nitin getting jealous)
Hey Sushil,Why are you allowing her to seat besides you?(Nitin buzz into the ear of Sushil)
Nitin,how should I say her to go away from here.Its not my sanskar.If you can,then please say her to go away from here.(sushil whisper into the ear of Nitin)
No,never,Why should I. (Nitin shouted and leave the seat)
Nitin,where are you going?Come back.

Swati and me started to come closer.

Hey Sushil,you are simply the boss of mathematics.
Thanks Swati.
Sushil,I am going this friday,to watch Gadar.
Yes,I am getting a good review regarding this movie.You should go and watch.
You are not coming.
What do you want?
Please come with me.
Are you going alone or what?
OK(I am little bit protective about her)
I am coming.
Sushil,thanks dear.
Swati please mention not again.
Sushil,you are really too sweet and a good friend of mine.
This complement is accepted by me.

Gadar ek prem katha,a dreading treaty movie,that creates gadar in my life

Sushil where are you?
I am on my way.
I have told you that,I am going to receive you from your home and then we have easily reached here on scooty on time.
You have not to be worry.I will be there on time.
Come fast Sushi.I am waiting for you.
Hey Swati.
Sushil,I have never waited for anyone till today.
Swati,my dear friend,I am on time.You have reached the destination before time.
Dear what do you want?
Don't you like to have some snacks?
Yes,but snacks with movie.
She ordered  nachos,fries,popcorn and cold drinks.
Hey wait,I am giving money.
No,today I am giving you treat Sushil
Thank you,Dear Swati.
(Swati tease me by showing her tongue)
(I started dreaming about her love on that afternoon.)
We watched the movie and enjoy the food.It was a just fantastic evening.
During watching the movie,I got emotional,tears started to flow out of my ears.

Hey Sushil,calm down.Why are you collapsing.
Be stable.Don't be poignant.
Its just a movie.Don't make the attachment.
(I felt the softness of her touch.It was extremely delicate)
It was the first time,when she touched my finger.
Hey,what are you doing Sushil.
Kissing your palm.
But why?
I love you,Swati.
Don't be panic.We are just friends.
Swati,please accept me.
Yes,that's what I am saying.You are my best friend's.Please don't cross the line.
I was shocked and trembled.
I left the chair.
Hey,where are you going?Sushil.
Silently I came out.
Sushil,I want to say you something.
What?(showing eagerness)
I love somebody.
Why are you lying me?You love me.
No Sushil,please don't repeat these words.Its hurt me.
Fine.Who is this boy?
Amit?There is no Amit in our class.
Yes,he is doing engineering from Lucknow.He was my senior during my school days.
Let's move in and complete the movie.
Sorry,I have to go.
Hey please.
Yes,my mother send me a message to attend some urgent work.I have to leave.
Are you sure?
Damn sure.
We separated and moved in different direction for our destination.

New day,new show.

I started to avoid her.
Sushil,come forward.Why are you seating with back benchers.
No Swati,I am aware of my level now.
What do you want to say?I don't understand.
You will not understand.
(Swati sat at the front bench)
Nitin bro,you are right.
Girls are always using boys for their benefits.
 Hmmm.At last you also suffer.
Yes bro.
Chill bro,let's celebrate this occasion.
Hmmmm,but Nitin you know that I am not drinking.
Yes,I know,and who is speaking you to drink.
We will go to Its treat restaurant.
Yes,that will be nice.

Its Treat,a nice restaurant.

Hey waiter,where is the menu card.
Nitin,just pick out the dish,I am coming from toilet.
Just getting out of toilet,I found Swati.She was with a boy.I was guessing him to be Amit.
She hadn't noticed me.
Fuck off(Spontaneously I speak out)
Nitin,have you ordered the meal.
(I gazed the pair continuously)
Here comes the food.Let's celebrate.
My eyes lost the pair.I tried to find out,but they had gone missing.
We celebrated the break up,but my heart still hopes for her return.

One day

I am getting trouble in understanding the calculas.
Same is the case with me,Nitin.
Sushil,there is a boy,who takes classes in Calculas in Tarabai coaching classes.
Nitin,are you sure?Do you want to join him?
Yes,damn sure.Are you not coming with me.
No,you will be going to teach me that will make a revision for you.


Sushil,he is an excellent tutor,with great command on his subjects.He was my elder brother classmate.
He taught us in such a simple manner,that makes calculas easy and clear to us.He is a fantastic teacher.
Wow, that's sound great.
Whatever question raised by us,he made it clear.
Swati was also there.
She is also attending the class.
What is the name of tutor?
Amit!Amit Singhania.
He had done B Tech from IIIT Lucknow.Now he had opened Tarabai engineering coaching classes in our town.
It looks as if there is something in between sir and Swati.
Just change this topic.

Though Swati is not with me,my heart always prays for her well being and happiness.

I used to go to Nitin's house to study calculas,taught to him on the particular day.
Sushil come bro in my study room.
Nitin,how was the class?
Nice man.
I have a good news for you.
About Swati?
What are you saying?
Now she will feel the pain of break up,that she has given to you.
What ?
Nitin please speak clearly.
I went little early to class today.I found Amit sir was talking to someone on phone.
(Hey,I am going to reward you with twenty five thousand rupees,if you will do this work.I have already whatsapp you the photo of the girl.I need this girl in my coaching class at 7 PM.Our last class ends at 6PM.How you will manage it?I don't know.I want to take revenge of the slap.I am going to humiliate her for her action.She will think twice before making such act,after this event.)
I trembled.
Its already six past five,I have to act fast.
Hey Nitin,I still love her.I can't see her crying.You will have to help me out.
Sushil chill dude.Why are you running after the girl,who has already rejected you.
No,No,No dear.Every day I pray for her well being and happiness.I can't risk her life.
Sushil let's move.
Thanks Nitin.

    On our way to Tarabai coaching classes.

    Nitin please drive fast.
    Yes dear.
    We reached there at six past thirty.
    We moved inside the coaching class silently.
    We found that Amit was looking too much angry.We hide ourselves in between the sitting arrangement.
    A vehicle brakes at the gate of institute.
    Four men entered the institute with a girl,whose mouth was bound with tape.
    She was Swati.She was in so much grief.We informed the police.
    Nitin I have to go dear to save her from these goons.
    Sushil you are not a super hero.This is a real life.This is not cinema.You may be harmed and injured.Please wait for police.
    Nitin,if I wait for police today,I may lost her and I may lost my life.Nitin you go out and guide the police to search this destination.
    I wake up after two and a half months.I was in coma.I was stabbed with knife,but it's the destiny that kept me live to another happy journey.

    I revitalize.

    I came to conscious status from coma.
    Swati was seating besides me.
    She cried with happiness,and kiss me on my head.
    Doctor,Doctor Sushil regain his conscious status.Swati cried.
    Doctor checked and found every thing under control.
    I thank to GOD,for keeping my love alive.
    Swati called my parents and informed them about my status.
    Our parents came.My father and mother came with prasad.She put prasad in my mouth.
    And a new happy journey started with Swati.

    27 Apr 2018

    Love waves start with life and end with life.

    Love waves start with life and end with life.

    About the author.

    Hi,I am Sushil Kumar,a very common man,one among you.I want to share the fancy story with you guys.Story of a small boy,who is attracted to a girl, barely at the age of six year.The girl is five year older than him.What are the situations that arise,and how he manages to propose her.

        The whole story is based on my imaginations.If some parts of the story are matched with some one's life,its only occur due to coincidence.So please take the story as a story.

         So read it,enjoy it and please share and comments,if you like it.

    Shifted to Deoghar

    At Madhupur,we were adjusted in a single room and a kitchen,but when we shifted to Deoghar,we got a two rooms and a kitchen flat in a good locality, Barmasiya.My father got the promotion. The flat owner were living in a same building.Gradually,the owner started to treat us as their family member.Their family member includes Vishnu Ram (grand uncle),his two son,younger one name was Narayan and elder one name was Purushottam and a daughter Malu.Narayan was mentally unsound.Purushottam had his family.His wife and my mother were friends.They had a daughter,Pammi.Malu was studying in 9th standard.They used invite us on the birthday celebrations of their family members and we used to invite them on the birthday celebration of mine.

        My sister Pinki joined us in our family.She was really very very cute.I used to take her in my arms.I got a friend in my family.Whenever she cried,I used to titillate her with my soft hand.And she often responded me with a sweet smile and seing her smiling face,I was swinging in mirth.

    Purushottam Chacha,just matching quality with name.

    Purushottam Chacha respects every woman,and elder people.One day I found Purushottam chacha milking out milk from his cow.I forget to tell you about this member.They have a pet,Lali,a cow. The cow was so much beautiful.The whole body was red except black lines on below eye lids of both eyes.It looks as if God had marked kajal on her eyebrows,to look the most beautiful cow on this planet.

      Hey,Sushil Good morning,come here.

      Hello chachaji,how are you?

      I am fine and how do you do?Dear

      I am also fine chacha ji.

      How your study is going on?

      Nice,chacha ji.

      Do you want to enjoy something?

      Yes,chacha ji,But what it is?

       Just open your mouth and stand still.

       I opened my mouth,and a fountain of milk reach in my mouth.

       I was thrilled to experience the fresh milk     drinking,through this action of Chacha ji.

        Have you enjoyed.

        Yes chacha ji.

        Today is it holiday.

         Yes chacha ji.

         Ok,enjoy and have lots of fun.

         (My father arrived there.)

          Hey Sushil,go and take bath.

          Yes,papa ji.

          I moved to take bath.

    I have prepared your favorite dish today,Sushil.

    Maa,what have you prepared?

    Rajma chawal


    I gorged rajma chawal.

    Purushottam chacha invited us to his daughter birthday celebration party.

    Purushottam chacha invited us on the occasion of birthday celebration party of her daughter,Pammi.My father had bought a frock and packet of toffees for her.I was excited.

    My mother dressed me and my sister and plaster up the Ponds powder over our face.She sooted our eyes,so that we might not be affected by bad evil eyes.

    Prem bhaia,Party is going to start,please come.Purushottam chacha had given a call to come to first floor.

    We were living on ground floor,where as the owner were living on first floor.

    We moved to first floor.

    Hi Sushil,you are looking smart.Purushottam chacha praise for my dressing sense.

    Thank you,chacha ji.

    I was struck and jumped in happiness,after seing the chocolate cake,beautifully garnished with cream and cherry.Happy birthday Pammy was written there in curvy writing.A candle was fixed in the cake.The room was decorated with balloons and colorful ribbons.Every moments was seemed too magical for me to believe.

    How are you smarty?

    An euphonious voice followed me.It was Malu.She was looking gorgeous.

    Hello Di,I am fine n u?

    I am also fine,dear.

    Come here and sit with me.

    I went to sit with her.

    How was your class is going on.

    Nice di.

    In which class you study di?

    I am in std. nine.

    Pammi arrived with her mummy.She was looking gorgeous,as if an angel has step down from heaven.

    The candle was kindled.

    Pammi aired out her mouth to blow out the candle.

    Whole hall was banged with the sound and the clapping,wishing her a very happy birthday.

    The cake was cut, Purushottam chacha took a piece of cake and put it in the mouth of Pammi.:-happy birthday betu.

    Thank you papa..

    Saumya aunty-taking the piece of cake and putting it in the mouth of Pammi.

    Happy birthday beta.

    Thank you mammy.

    The cake was taken to the kitchen,and served in pieces with gulab jamun,cham cham,samosa and dalmot in a plate.

    How is the food? Purushottam chacha asked me.

    Good appetite chacha ji.

    The chocolate cake was the most tastier,I have ever eaten.

    Just wait a minute.(He moved to the kitchen)

    Take one more cake.Enjoy the party,Dear.

    Thank you!Chacha ji.

    We enjoyed the dinner later in the evening.

    Malu was a good reputed tutor of maths.

    Bye Sushil beta.See you in the evening.

    Bye papa.

    Hey Sushil,come and take bath,it is already passed 9 o clock.When will you do breakfast?

    Mammy coming.

    Now do worship to God,and burn the incense sticks.

    Yes maa

    What is in breakfast?Maa

    Aaloo paratha and tamatar chatni.

    Wow,please serve me fast.

    I am very hungry.

    You have already eaten four paratha,now stop otherwise you will suffer from indigestion.

    Ok mama,and thank you for the delicious paratha,maa.

    Malu di arrived at our home.

    How are you bhabhi?

    Fine,mom replied.

    Why not are you sending Sushil to me,in the morning for maths classes.

    I am going to make him boss of mathematics.

    Hmmm,Mammi nodded.



    You should join the class of mathematics from tomorrow onward,until summer vacation ends.

    Mammy,I have to do lots of homework.

    You come to my class.I am going to help you in your homework.

    Yes,Malu is right,don do spoil your time.


    He will be going to join you by tomorrow.

    That's nice bhabhi.

    Malu classes from 9 to 11

    Yes students,if you have any queries or doubts,you can asked me at that point of class.No need of any hesitation.

    Yes mam,whole class shouted in one voice.

    Today,I am going to teach you the most basic sign of maths ie. Plus or addition.You have one ball at your house,and father bought one more ball for you.How much ball is now with you?

    Yes Sushil


    Right Sushil,this is addition.

    You all understood.

    Addition s a very essential formula,which we come across every day.

    So let's start the chapter.

    How was the class?

    Nice maa.I got new friends there.

    What did she taught today?


    Yes,in maths,what?


    Good Sushil.

    Well,you understand or not.

    My voice thrilled.Maa I have already understood the formula in my school.

    That means,you won't get any extra benefits on going to her class.

    Yes,Maa,I don't need her classes.

    No excuses,dear.

    You will have to continue her class.


    One day

    So you all are now master in multiplication.

    Yes Mam,we all shouted in a single tone.

     On 15th,it 's a wedding ceremony of my younger bhaia,the whole house will be hived with family members. So I am giving you leave for one month.

    By next month,the class will be shifted in the evening,as your school will reopen.I am giving you homework,please do it.And revise the topics,I have taught you.

    Everyone is happy.Why am I not happy?

    I was shocked to hear the news of leave.

    As if I am going to miss this class,or friends or Malu di.

    How was the class?


    What topic did she taught you?


    Did you understand or not?

    Understood maa.

    She is a good tutor.

    From tomorrow onward,she has given us leave for one month.


    Narayan uncle is getting married on next month.

    Yes,She has informed me about this.

    So,from tomorrow onward, you will be a free wanderer.

    No mammy,I am going to help Malu di on the occasion.

    Good,Sushil.Your thinking is great.

    Spending time with Malu,was always a charismatic and magical moments for me.

    Hello Sushil,how do you come today.

    I have come to help you.

    Hey,Nice and thanks.

    Malu di,may I ask you something?


    May I call you with your name.I was shuddering,and feeling nervous.

    Yes,you may.

    I want to be your friend.

    OK, from now onwards we are a friend,a best friend.

    Thank you,Malu.

    Dear,please don't be formal.

    What do you want to eat?Sushil

    Is rasgulla available?

    Yes,just give me a minute.

    She brought five rasgullas in a bowl.

    I love rasgullas.(taking one into my mouth)

    Same here.(she also takes one into her mouth)

    Wow!Amazingly too soft and tasty.

    Yes,Purushottam bhaia has brought this sweet from new sweet shop Laddoo opened in our locality.

    Last one left.

    Take it dear.

    No,Malu,you take it.

    OK,just wait.

    She went into the kitchen and brought a knife with her.She cut a rasgulla into two.

    Now take it.

    Yeah,that's good.

    I love the company of Malu.

    Time is running faster than I believe.I want to brake the time.I want to feel each seconds,each moments with Malu and want to keep this moments as momentos for the next nineteen hours,till I meet her again the next day.

    Next day

    Sushil today I have do a lot of preparations for marriage ceremony of Narayan Bhaia.You will have to help me out.

    Malu,I will not let you down.

    Sushil,you are really good.

    The day of marriage ceremony arrived.

    Malu,you are looking gorgeous in green color salwar suit.

    Thank you.

    You are also looking awesome.

    Thank you,Malu.

    Marriage ceremony started,and every thing go smoothly.

    I express out my feelings

    Malu,you know.


    There is my classmate,who was sharing his first kissing experience with his girlfriend.

    Sushil,he wants to deviate you from studies.

    Just concentrate on your studies.Its the HSC time.

    Malu,I want to ask you something.

    Yes ask.

    You are in class twelve.Do you have any boyfriend?

    No,but why are you asking such silly question?

    I love you.(said diffidently)

    Hey,you are my friend.

    Please don't break my heart.I can't think my life without you,as my wife.

    Hey Sushil,I also love you.But you are five year younger than me.How would it be possible?

    I will make it possible.


    I am going to keep you happy always.I want to marry you.

    These sentences are harmonious to hear.But these words are really enough for our future living.

    I am going to get a good job placement and then I am going to marry you.

    That's sound good.

    But you have to promise me,that you will wait for my return.

    Yes,I will wait for you,my king.

    One of the heart broken moments.

    Sushil,would you please stop staring at me.I am little bit timorous.

    Malu,I want to ask you something.


    Malu,I will miss you.Now I am going out for the engineering course.Would you miss me.

    Yes,IIT and I am proud of you,Sushil.

    But Malu,it's all happen,just because of you.

    No Sushil,it's all because of your steady hard work.

    No Malu,I am selected in IIT,because of your promise.(voice stumble)

    Yes,I will keep that promise.(whimpering)

    Malu you haven't answered my question.

    Yes,yes,yes,I will miss you.

    But remember my words,if you fail to get good campus selection,I am not going to marry you.

    Malu I love you.To marry you,I am going to study hard to get a handsome package.I am not going to let you go.

    Yes Sushil,I know.Just give full concentration on your studies.

    Yes Malu.

    Talking to malu on phone.

    Hello Malu,how are you?

    I am fine,Sushil.what about you?

    I miss your's presence.

    Hey,don't waste your time.

    Yeah,it's the last year,I need to work harder,to achieve a good package.

    Yes Sushil,I am waiting for good news.

    Malu,I love you and I am not going to let you down,but keep the promise.

    Yes,yes I will keep my promise.

    Bye Malu,take care.

    Bye dear.

    Hello Malu,I got placement in amazon.

    Wow,that's great Sushil.

    Yeah,the package is forty five lacs.

    I love you,Sushil.

    I miss you,Malu.

    Just another three months.


    Just keep patience.I am not going any where.

    I returned to Deoghar.

    Hey Maa Pranam(kneel down to touch her feet)

    My son,Always be happy and how are you?

    Fine Maa.

    Papa pranam (kneel down to touch his feet)

    My lion,my son,God bless dear.

    Get ready,your mother has prepared your special dish chola batora for you.

    Oh wow.

    Sushil,how was the food?

    Nice Maa.

    Where is my sister?

    Pinki has gone to college.


    When she will return?

    She will return at 3.00PM.


    How is Malu?

    She got married last week.


    What happen dear?

    Nothing Maa.

    She has left a gift for you.

    What gift Maa?

    I don't know,what is there?Its fully packed.

    Just wait a minute.

    Here,this is your gift.

    OK maa,I want to rest.

    (Moved to my room and get locked I )

    I wrapped of the box.

    This is a personal diary of Malu.

    Personal diary of Malu.

    Today is the day,when my love leave me.

    I must say,he leaves me to marry me.I will always miss you dear.I can't live without you.Every single moments looks like as if it is a thousands year waiting.


    Today,my father asked me about my intention of marriage.

    I deny him now and asked for some time.

    My dear Sushil,just achieve your goal and come back soon.

    I am waiting for you.


    My best friend ria got married.She is shifting to Mumbai.Her bridegroom is an engineer, working in a multinational company.


    My father get bedridden.He is suffering from some disease.Doctor arrived and checked his nerve,eyes,tongue.He prescribed some medicines and advised for some medical test.


    My father gets healthy.He joined the business today. I am happy to talk with Sushil,my love.He is strongly moving toward his goal.


    Today is the last day of year 2016.I love you Sushil very much.Today your phone came.We talked for two hours.I am missing you a lot.We are made for each other.


    My father get bedridden again.Family doctor advised us to go for some medical test.I am feeling so much depressed,seing the condition of my father.I sat whole day besides him,taking care of him.


    Medical Test result came.He is suffering from malaria.Now I take my responsibility to take care of my father.Medicine is given as per doctor prescription on regular timing.


    My father is gaining health.He has started to go for morning walk.After walk,he called me at dining table to have a cup of tea.But his purpose was something else.He again asked me about my intention of marriage.i denied him.He asked me,if I like somebody.I told him about our relationship.He rejected my marriage proposal.He said Sushil is younger than me,how is this possible?He will never going to allow for it.What will the society say?No,never he is not going to allow for it.If I  will do anything against him,he will do suicide.What to do ?I don't know.At last I decided to go with my father.


    Today is one of my luckiest day of my life.My Love Sushil got placement in a multinational company.I wish him good luck for his future.We talk for half an hour.He was excited that he will meet me and marry me soon.But I know the truth.By the time,he will come here,I might have leave Deoghar forever.


    Today my father told me to get ready as a boy and his family members would be coming today to see me.I got ready half heartedly.The boy was an engineer.His name was Vijay.Vijay,after seing me,got ready for marriage.I was losing my all hopes that I would ever meet my love Sushil.I will always miss you.Although my body remain with this boy,but my soul will always remain with you Sushil.


    I got engaged with Vijay.Vijay took my mobile phone number.I don't know,how did I manage myself to talk with him.He was regularly praising me for my beauty.I was crying inside myself.I felt as if I had died today.


    Tomorrow I will marry to Vijay and leave Deoghar to Kanpur.Sushil,you will not forgive me,I know.But you will understand me later,that what circumstances made me do this marriage.My heart and soul will always remain with you Sushil,my love.I am giving this diary to your mother,in a gift wrapper as a present for your campus placement.

    After reading this,you will forgive me.Please don't break your heart and don't cry.I will remain your's always.

    Your love


    I was shocked.
    I was shocked and trembled with gust of emotions.My eyes were filled with tears.I rose up and washed my face.

    I got out from room.Its 1:30PM.

    Lunch is ready Sushil.

    Yes maa.

    Would you like to have lunch now.

    No,not now.


    When Malu left Deoghar?



    Hello bhaia (my sister arrived)

    Hello Pinki.How are you?


    How was your journey?

    Nice one.

    (Mourning sound was coming from first floor)

    We moved up the stairs cases to find out,what had happened?

    Purushottam chacha and whole family had tears in their eyes.

    Malu is hospitalized,as she has tried to suicide by gulping poison.

    Purushottam chacha was getting ready to go to Kanpur.

    Chacha ji,I am also coming with you.


    I packed up my clothes and get ready to visit Kanpur.

    Regency hospital,Kanpur.
    When we reached there,she was out of danger.

    Malu was sleeping and looks too weak to sit on bed.

    I sat besides her.

    Chacha took Vijay outside of that room.

    Vijay,how was this happened?

    Bhaia,I came at night in my room.

    She started to talk with me about her old relationship.

    Old relationship.

    Yes,a boy named Sushil,whom she loved more than her life.


    Yes Sushil

    She also revealed how her father forced her to marry me.

    Papa was knowing.Whst rubbish?

    Yes bhaia,its right.

    And then she quoted that she had gulped poison,because she couldn't share her body and soul with him.Please pardoned her.

    Vijay,what will be your decision now?

    Bhaia,I will divorce her.


    Malu,my life,my breath revitalize.


    Yes chacha ji

    Come outside.

    What happens?Where is Vijay?

    He has gone to arrange for a lawyer.

    A lawyer,for what?

    He is divorcing Malu.

    (I was struck and excited to hear it.)


    Because,she loves you.Why have you not shared your relationship with me.

    We thought that,first I would prove myself for the marriage proposal.

    Uff(Chacha slapped me.)

    You fool,because of you,she is here.If you have revealed your relationship with me,I would have supported you and this would not might have happened.

    (A Nurse approaching to us)

    Your sister come to senses.You can talk with her.

    Thank you,sister.

    When I heard this words from nurse,I felt as if I have revitalized.Thank GOD.

    You remain outside until I call you.

    Chacha went inside the room.

    How are you feeling Malu.

    Sorry bhaia.

    For what?

    For my act.

    You fool,why have you not revealed your  relationship with me.

    Sorry bhaia.


    I will remain here with Vijay.

    But Vijay is giving divorce to you.

    No,no,Papa will commit suicide.

    No,He will not and he has sent a special gift for you.

    Just give me ten seconds,I am sending your special gift.

    Chacha came out of room.

    Sushil,Malu is calling you.

    Yes chacha ji

    I went inside.

    I met my life.

    Our eyes contacted each other and we were speechless.Our emotions came out through tears.It was such a moment for us,which was unstoppable.We hugged each other,and we kisses each other every where.It was just a kick start of our happiness and sea of emotions.

    कोरोना के खतरनाक मंजर को जरा सोच कर के तो देखो।koronaa ke khatarnaak manjar ko jaraa soch kar ke to dekho।

    Shayari koronaa ke khatarnaak manjar ko jaraa soch kar ke to dekho। मौत !मौत ! मौत ! बस हर जगह मौत है। प्रकृति की दिख रही आज सभी जग...